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$2.3 Million Jury Verdict – Slip & Fall Resulting in Concussion

$2.3 Million Jury Verdict Awarded

Angela Willauer v. Town of Greenwich. On February 13, 2013, Ms. Willauer parked her car in the Town of Greenwich’s Town Hall Parking garage. This was her daily work habit for several years.  The parking spot was one of several leased by her employer, Mercedes Benz of Greenwich. Used to accommodate employee overflow at its nearby dealership.

Two days earlier; on February 10, Greenwich experienced a large winter snowstorm.  On February 10 and 11 crews worked diligently to clear the roads of snow.  No snow and ice control took place at the Town Hall garage. Instead, open sides allowed snow to drift into the middle level where Mercedes Benz employees were required to park.

As Ms. Willauer headed from her car to the dealership shuttle, her feet went out from under her, due to black ice. As a result, she slammed the back of her head on a surface.  The Stamford jury found liability 90% in Willauer’s favor under Connecticut’s comparative negligence statute, while also finding in her favor on Greenwich’s qualified municipal immunity claims.

Slip & Fall Resulting in Concussion and Post-Traumatic Migraine Headache

Ms. Willauer experienced a fairly typical presentation of persistent post-concussion symptoms. Her clinical presentation included unremitting daily headaches. However, she forced herself to keep working for approximately 3 ½ years, despite her headaches. Some of her fellow employees testified that her pain was visible.  Also, the testimony of both the general manager and her supervisor proved there were days she left work early, as a result of her headache.
She retired prematurely, testifying that she could not continue to function on the job.

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