Years of experience have provided us with the ability to analyze the most complicated cases involving liability, causation and damages, particularly in the highly technical areas of wrongful death, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury and multi-trauma injuries. For this reason, the involvement of Casper & de Toledo as lead and/or trial counsel is often sought by other lawyers, including lawyers who themselves handle personal injury claims. Because many of the trial techniques that we use are planned very early in a case, it is best that we assume responsibility for the strategic decisions as soon as possible. Particularly in cases of major neurological injury including brain injury and spinal cord injury, decisions about treatment and expert witnesses will create a permanent frame for the case.

When lawyers are responsible for the referral of personal injury cases to Casper & de Toledo, the interests of the referring lawyer or law firm will be protected and acknowledged in our retainer agreements. If you have a client who has sustained a serious injury and you believe the client can benefit from our involvement in the case, please contact us to discuss the matter.