We have been blessed at Casper & de Toledo. This is the 30th Anniversary of the formation of our firm. We have enjoyed our share of success on behalf of our clients. Make no mistake about it, we practice law for a living, but we still feel the need to sink our teeth into cases… Read More

In a pre-trial decision on November 1, 2016, trial judge Irene Jacobs ruled that defense expert Kenneth W. Reagles, Ph.D’s reliance upon The Healthcare Bluebook in his calculations for future medical costs of the plaintiff was inadmissible. The Healthcare Bluebook markets itself as a transparent system that can be used by all players in the… Read More

  If you think that the world can sometimes be a lonely place, imagine that one day you were on top of the world—recently married, a promising writing career, family was healthy— and out for a bicycle ride on beautiful day.  Then a collision with a motor vehicle catapults you to the pavement, and you sustain life threatening… Read More

The Americans with Disability Act (“ADA”) was enacted on July 26, 1990, with the goal of making American society more accessible for people with disabilities. One goal of accessibility was to provide protection for employees and job applicants who have permanent disabilities, while balancing the rights of disabled workers with the right of the employer… Read More

Becoming and staying healthy can be challenging. Vices such as caffeine and fatty, sugary foods are used by many people to calm anxieties. Some try to reduce stress at the gym, but a much easier, less time consuming–and arguably just as advantageous–method to relax the body and mind is one that anyone can do in… Read More

Recent debates over a person’s right to privacy may propel the assumption that an employee’s right to privacy on a work computer is limited at best.  But is unwanted access by co-workers, as compared to employers, to personal materials on another employee’s computer considered an invasion of privacy? This debate was recently presented before a… Read More