How Important Are Specialists and Experts in These Cases for Attorneys and Clients? In traumatic brain injury cases, specialists are extraordinarily important; the specialists can be both treating specialists as well as retained expert witnesses. In reality, healthcare providers offer opinions, and healthcare providers who offer opinions are experts. They may not be retained experts,… Read More

    How Do Traumatic Brain Injury Cases Proceed In Court?     Is There a Statute of Limitations on These Types of Injuries? Yes, and the statute of limitations will vary from state to state. In Connecticut, that statute of limitations is two years from the date of the injury in almost all cases… Read More

What Type of Legal Claim Can A Person Bring against Someone? The most typical claim that is made in the context of a traumatic brain injury is a negligence claim, i.e. someone who suffers a brain injury caused by an automobile crash; a pedestrian injury; or as a result of a trip and fall or… Read More

How Can These Injuries Be Diagnosed, Especially in Terms of Filing a Claim? Here’s how it’s done from both a medical and a legal standpoint for that purpose: Legally, attorneys don’t make the diagnosis, but it’s often the case that healthcare providers in general are poorly trained and educated to make these diagnoses. That’s true… Read More

What Are the Symptoms of Someone Who Has Endured a Traumatic Brain Injury? One of the complicating issues in these types of cases is the fact that lots of the symptoms experienced by folks who suffer head injuries are non-specific, meaning they could be symptoms of other conditions. In fact, many TBIs co-occur with other… Read More

What Are Some Common Misconceptions And Misunderstandings People Have about Brain Injuries? One misconception is that an injury to one area of the brain won’t impact other areas of the brain. The circuits, including degree of interconnectedness within the brain, are way too complex for there to be such discrete and isolated injury. Another misconception… Read More

What Is a Traumatic Brain Injury? Are There Different Categories or Classifications? A traumatic brain injury (“TBI”), sometimes called an “acquired brain injury,” is an injury that disrupts the normal function of the brain. A traumatic brain injury occurs when a sudden “external force” strikes the head or causes rapid movement with sudden deceleration. A… Read More

What Is the Current Frequency of Traumatic Brain Injury in the U.S. ? That’s a question that doesn’t really have a simple answer. There are various classifications of traumatic brain injury, and classification is determined by the acute injury circumstances. Was the victim of the traumatic brain injury rendered unconscious? Did they have amnesia, and… Read More

Not unless you’re simply interested in nominal damages – something in the $3-5,000 range. I generally pre-screen potential new clients on the telephone to decide if the case sounds like a case with which I want to be involved. If I’m interested in the case, I will ask the client to come in and meet… Read More

If you have any type of a claim that falls under your automobile insurance policy, you should notify the insurer. If you have been hurt as a pedestrian in a vehicle accident, you still want to notify your own insurance company because you may ultimately need to make a claim for uninsured or underinsured motorist… Read More