No doubt, there are claims that are too small for a seasoned, experienced lawyer to handle. So the answer to this question is “probably yes.” And the reality is that, in Connecticut, anyone who suffers an injury in an automobile accident that is caused by the negligence of another is entitled to economic and non-economic… Read More

What Are the Most Common Types of Auto Accident Cases That You Handle?   The most common mechanism of injury that we handle is a rear-end collision. I can’t provide statistics for the frequency of rear-end collisions, but I would say that it is the most common type of vehicle crash.   Top Misconceptions That… Read More

At Casper & de Toledo, we represent a number of clients who have sustained catastrophic or life altering injuries, and the range of injuries is quite varied. We also represent families who have lost loved ones, so we handle wrongful death cases as well. We represent people with traumatic brain injury at all levels of… Read More

I advise people to avoid lawyers who have pictures of themselves on billboards and buses, who advertise on television, who have someone show up at the emergency department, or who make telephone calls soliciting a case. The latter couple of solicitations methods are actually illegal, but that does not mean it does not happen. In… Read More

The short answer is: call a skilled trial lawyer. And if you don’t like the answer you get, call another skilled trial lawyer. If they agree, then you have your answer. If they disagree, then get one more opinion. Good lawyers will not be interested in a frivolous case. Good lawyers will not be interested… Read More

People sometimes contact me with questionable liability claims. If you think you were more than 50% at fault, that type of case isn’t very attractive. However, we see and accept many cases where there are legitimate questions about fault. We pre-screen potential claims on the telephone and are pretty good at drilling down on the… Read More

It is generally a good idea to consult an attorney as early as possible in any case involving an injury. This does not necessarily mean that an injured party should hire an attorney immediately. I’ve received calls from the scene of both serious and not so serious motor vehicle accidents. I have received calls the… Read More

In a pre-trial decision on November 1, 2016, trial judge Irene Jacobs ruled that defense expert Kenneth W. Reagles, Ph.D’s reliance upon The Healthcare Bluebook in his calculations for future medical costs of the plaintiff was inadmissible. The Healthcare Bluebook markets itself as a transparent system that can be used by all players in the… Read More

Becoming and staying healthy can be challenging. Vices such as caffeine and fatty, sugary foods are used by many people to calm anxieties. Some try to reduce stress at the gym, but a much easier, less time consuming–and arguably just as advantageous–method to relax the body and mind is one that anyone can do in… Read More