Persistent post-concussion symptoms are often posited as a mystery by some healthcare providers. And in the context of litigation, the familiar refrain from defense “so-called” experts is that the typical period of spontaneous recovery for mild traumatic brain is three months, and that to the extent that symptoms linger beyond that, it is often attributable… Read More

  Stewart M. Casper, of Casper & de Toledo LLC, has been named to the Connecticut Law Tribune’s “Personal Injury Hall of Fame,” the leading legal publication in the Connecticut. The Connecticut Law Tribune awarded Attorney Casper this honor as a result of two very large verdicts he obtained in 2014. In one case, he… Read More

  Earlier this month, the Labor Department announced a regulation that would protect federal contractors’ employees, roughly 20% of the American workforce, from discrimination based on their gender identity or sexual orientation.  President Obama signed the executive order back in July, amending an order issued by President Bill Clinton banning discrimination based on sexual orientation… Read More

Thousands upon thousands of people are victimized by sexual abuse in the United States each year. Many of these file civil lawsuits against the party or parties responsible for their victimization. Many cases involve multiple victims, while others center on only one. Under the law, these victims have a legal right to sue their abuser… Read More

Annual Summer Picnic -The Brain Injury Association of Connecticut (“BIAC”) held its annual Summer Picnic & Volunteer Awards on August 12th at the Wickham Pavilian in Wickham Park in Manchester, CT. A fun time was had by all. best antivirus software The 2008 BIAC Golf Tournament at Wintonbuy Hill raised over $120,000. By Stewart Casper.… Read More

The National Quality Forum (“NQF”) is a consensus standard setting organization that has published a list of 28 adverse medical event categories that should never occur in a hospital setting. The list of events has been embraced by 11 states that have directed hospitals not to charge patients or insurance companies for these categories of… Read More

It frequently happens that when the Connecticut Business and Industry Association (“C.B.I.A.” – and not to be confused with our Connecticut Brain Injury Attorneys “C-B-I-A”) issues a “Government Affairs Report” the content reveals an invidious bias against the ideal of “justice for all.” Today’s missive from the Business Association is no different. On May 29,… Read More

I am a resident of Wilton, CT and I recently wrote to my state legislator John Hetherington asking that he support SB 847 presently pending before the legislature. The bill is designed to provide workers’ compensation commissioners with discretionary authority to award more than the minimum specified benefits for permanent partial disability to a part… Read More

The event that caused me to experience a sudden onset of right arm pain shall remain confidential as it involves a friend. Nonetheless, this Connecticut injury lawyer who has spent a career representing people with just this sort of injury, knew right away that the type of searing pain I was having was a serious… Read More

I have been absent from this blog for Casper & de Toledo for an extended period of time now. I have been recovering from my own injury and surgery and I will Blog at a later time about how I know I can really feel my clients’ pain. As a trial lawyer, we read and… Read More