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Many employers use non-compete agreements for certain employees to protect the company’s competitive advantage in the marketplace from business strategies to trade secrets. Whether you are in executive management, part of a sales team, or a technical expert, these additions to a contract can contain unreasonable restrictions when employment ends.

Before you sign a non-compete agreement that may hamper future employment opportunities, or if you are currently restricted by an agreement you believe to be unfair, talk to the law firm of Casper & de Toledo. The firm provides experienced employment contract advice and representation. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

Five Reasonableness Factors in Non-Compete Agreements

In evaluating the reasonableness of non-compete agreements, courts consider primarily five factors. If any of them is found to be unreasonable, the agreement may be unenforceable:

  • length of time;
  • geographic area referenced;
  • how fair protection is for your employer;
  • how much it restricts your opportunity to pursue a job;
  • the extent of interference with the public interest.

Before you sign any non-compete or non-disclosure agreement that could jeopardize your career, consult with a skilled employment lawyer who can help you understand the nature and scope of your restrictions moving forward.

Safeguarding Your Employment Interests

Ranked one of the top 50 Connecticut lawyers in Super Lawyers Magazine® since 2006, Attorney Victoria de Toledo has the background and experience to effectively handle employment contracts for executives and other key employees.

If signing a non-competition agreement is a precondition for employment, we will carefully review the document and other portions of your employment contract. Our negotiations on your behalf can result in greater flexibility whether you lose your job or decide to pursue other opportunities.

Before You Sign Away Your Future, Contact a Non-Compete Agreements Advocate

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