Is Self-Representation Ever Advisable in an Auto Accident Claim?

Is Self-Representation Ever Advisable in an Auto Accident Claim?

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No doubt, there are claims that are too small for a seasoned, experienced lawyer to handle. So the answer to this question is “probably yes.” And the reality is that, in Connecticut, anyone who suffers an injury in an automobile accident that is caused by the negligence of another is entitled to economic and non-economic damages. So resolving what to do — lawyer or no lawyer– always requires some thought.

At Casper & de Toledo, we frequently field calls about potential cases that are smaller than we would handle, and on occasion, the caller inquires about whether or not to retain a lawyer. We don’t mind spending a few minutes proving a quick “how to” lesson dealing with the things to do to resolve a small claim without a lawyer. In some situations, we recommend another lawyer who might be willing to take on a smaller case. And sometimes, we might even recommend a local doctor to see for a particular medical problem. We see these calls as a form of pro bono effort assisting people who seek information and a bit a “free advice.”

Unique Attributes of Casper & De Toledo LLC in Handling Auto Accident Cases

Some auto accident claims can be very complex because of the physics of the crash, the biomechanics of the injury, and the complexity of the healthcare necessary to make a recovery. Frankly, making cases better is something that a good trial lawyer does, and Casper & De Toledo has forged its reputation as trial lawyers who make cases better. How did Casper & de Toledo turn a pedestrian knockdown with an unfavorable police report into a really strong case? By being capable of carefully analyzing the evidence, gathering all of the evidence, having a thorough understanding of the applicable rules of liability for pedestrians in and outside of crosswalks, and hiring a good accident reconstruction expert and an assortment of experts to document damages. How did Casper & de Toledo turn a case involving a severe brain injury to a young child with an insurance policy limit of $1.8 million dollars into a $10 million jury verdict? By taking advantage of an insurance company’s unlawful conduct. How did Casper & de Toledo recover nearly $2 million for a young woman who required a fusion of the joints in her foot after she crashed into another vehicle in a closed lane highway construction zone? That happened because we determined that the construction company had not deployed the proper lane closure equipment. The construction company lied, and it was proven when it couldn’t account for a generator.

Casper & de Toledo has an endless list of clients whose lives were altered, first by injury caused by negligence, and second by creative and highly skilled lawyers successfully litigating cases. Some cases were settled, and many have been tried before juries, and occasionally, through successful appeal.

Additional Information Regarding Auto Accident Claims in Connecticut

Hopefully, everyone drives safely! Do not engage in distracted driving, and do not drive while impaired. I have seen many lives lost or devastated as a result of neglecting to be mindful of those basic, common sense rules.

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