Criminal Defense

The Law Offices of Randy Collins assists those charged with criminal offenses in Southern California. Randy Collins, firm owner, spent years prosecuting as a District Attorney Prosecutor for the County of Riverside, California. After gaining priceless experience and insider info as a prosecutor, attorney Collins turned to defense. Regardless of whether you’re charged with assault, burglary, hit and run, or any other offense, if your alleged offense occurred in Southern California, you’re eligible for a free consult from their Orange County defense attorneys without any obligation to retain their services.

DUI Defense

Most people make the mistake of only hiring a DUI defense attorney if they are not guilty of their crime. Those who understand the interworking of the criminal justice system know that if you are charged with any criminal offense, especially DUI, which can result in serious penalties, having an experienced attorney to turn to is an asset that cannot be valued. You can take a plea, or you can make the choice that is in your best interest and speak with a DUI defense attorney about your situation. There are several DUI defense resources ( to help better explain complex subjects.

Drug Crimes

Drug use is quite common throughout the United States, regardless of what the U.S. government would like you to believe. Those who choose to use illegal substances are usually able to avoid detection by law enforcement, but those who aren’t, and those who are involved in the drug trade, can easily get caught up and sentenced to long terms behind bars. Hiring a skilled drug lawyer to defend drug crime defendants against overzealous prosecutors is a huge asset. It isn’t just your chances at trial that improve from hiring an attorney, your plea deal has a much better chance of being in your best interest when prosecutors are aware of yoor attorney’s abilities. Turn to resources that can really help you understand the legal challenges your case faces and get in touch with an attorney you trust as soon as you can.

Domestic Violence Defense

The public has united in their stance against those who commit domestic violence offenses. Online, on TV, in comments, and throughout the media, responses to possible instances of domestic abuse are swift and carry serious consequences to those who are charged, even if they aren’t guilty. is one of numerous resources available to defendants in need of reliable information. The effects of a domestic violence charge can ruin a person’s life quick; no one wants to be associated with a domestic violence abuser, leaving innocent defenders to fend for him or herself. Whenever someone is facing charges, especially for something serious like domestic violence, speaking with a specialist attorney as soon as possible after the incident is always a good idea. They can give you information specific to your case, often doing so for free in the form of a free consultation. There are plenty of great domestic violence defense resources for those that are looking. Don’t wait, get help before it is too late.

Personal Injury

Timothy J. Ryan & Associates is a personal injury law firm located in Huntington Beach, California for over 34 years. Pedestrian accidents, slip and falls, bicycle accidents, or any other incident that results due to the negligence of another is welcomed by Tim Ryan, a veteran attorney who works diligently in mission to obtain justice on behalf of injury victims. Tim Ryan’s office has obtained huge verdicts and settlements, having helped to obtain over $1 billion on behalf of injury victims since the firm’s inception. Those in need of assistance in California can contact Tim Ryan’s office to receive assistance for any injury accident.

Car Accident Compensation

A car accident is horrific, but the damages caused by insurance companies following serious-injury collisions can cause more damage than many could possibly imagine. Car accident injury victims have been conditioned to forfeit their rights to large auto collision compensation for quick settlements that don’t cover the true extent of the damages caused. Insurance companies push their agendas while car accident victims suffer the consequences. Those in this position should contact car accident lawyers that they trust in their area that will help them to determine the best course of action moving forward. There are several car accident victim resources that will allow you to better understand the challenges you will be facing on your pursuit for compensation.

Motorcycle Accident Compensation

Motorcyclists are constantly putting their lives at risk, but those who truly take the time to learn their craft and operate their machine in a safe manner deserve to travel the streets safely. Unfortunately, motorcyclists in many areas simply are not afforded that luxury; drivers are often oblivious to a motorcyclist’s presence and are often responsible for catastrophic injury and death. Victims and their families have motorcycle accident resources to turn to that help explain the complex legal subjects that will come in to play during their pursuit for injury compensation. Anyone pursuing compensation via legal means for a motorcycle collision should seek out a motorcycle accident attorney they trust to help ensure they do not miss important dates or important angles to their case.

Wrongful Death Compensation

The death of a loved one is never easy to bear. When the death of a loved one is caused by someone else’s negligence, the pain and anger that family members feel can often threaten to become overwhelming. Unfortunately, it is at this time that family members are required to make important decisions to help ensure they are compensated for medical expenses and/or funeral expenses arising because of negligence. Wrongful death compensation is a difficult endeavor to puruse when grieving a loved one, but the law does not allow family members time to grieve. Many wrongful death laws and the way they are interpreted in California can be found at as well as other useful info for those thinking about filing a lawsuit. Speaking with a lawyer as soon as possible following a loved one’s death will help families to determine whether compensation is truly an option.