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Coping With Disaster And Managing Distress - Sandy Hook Elementary School

There are some dates that are etched into our minds and hearts. Unfortunately, too many are unhappy occasions. December 14, 2012, will be one of those dates, for it was on that date, at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in nearby Newtown, Connecticut, that the promising young lives of twenty-six and seven-year-old first-graders and six heroic teachers and administrator were extinguished. Perhaps what was so disturbing about this mass shooting, when compared with other shooting tragedies, was that young children were not only targeted but also executed in a fuselage of bullets. It doesn’t take long for an adult to create an image of the carnage, based upon images from war scenes that are all too familiar. Children and adults alike will be haunted by images either real or imagined, and it would be entirely natural for emotional distress to follow. Below are some internet resources that might provide useful information and guidance for dealing with these issues.

Disaster Helpline from the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration

Disaster Distress Helpline