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Employment Law

Employment Attorneys in Stamford, Connecticut

The law firm of Casper & de Toledo has extensive experience in the area of employment law. Whether you have experienced a hostile work environment, discrimination, sexual harassment, or retaliation as a whistleblower, the Casper & de Toledo employment lawyers can help.

If you feel you might have a valid employment law concern, we encourage you to contact us to discuss matters with our employment law firm.

Employment Discrimination in the Workplace

State and federal laws protect employees from being subjected to discriminatory treatment (which includes the employee’s gender, race, age, national origin, religion, pregnancy, or disability) and wrongful termination in the workplace. These laws also protect employees from sexual harassment in the workplace by supervisors, coworkers, and even customers.

Employees have a right to stop discriminatory conduct in the workplace. If an employee tries to stop such conduct or notifies a supervisor that discriminatory conduct has occurred, that employee also has protection, under state and federal laws, from retaliation by the supervisor or employer. If you feel you might be a victim of employment discrimination, talk to us in a confidential consultation.

Sexual Harassment

What are your rights if you are a victim?

Our employment rights attorneys can help stop the harassment and protect your interests on the job. Take action now. Contact Casper & de Toledo to discuss your legal options.

Employment Contracts

Employees have a variety of contractual protections in the workplace of which they may not be aware. If you have a contract with which you need assistance, or if you are uncertain of your rights regarding non-compete agreements and other aspects of an employment contract, speak to our employment law advocates before you sign anything.

Employment Benefit Claims

The law protects employees who have lost their jobs because their employers felt their benefits were costing too much money. If you feel that you have a claim for employment benefits, contact us.

Whistleblowing and Protection from Retaliation in the Workplace

In cases where someone uncovers fraud against the federal government, there are federal laws that protect the individual and provide very large rewards for the whistleblower. Whether it involves federal fraud or not, whistleblowers, or people who expose such misconduct, are protected against retaliation by their employers and coworkers. Our employment lawyers are ready to help.

If you feel that you have uncovered illegal or unethical conduct in the workplace, or you wish to discuss another violation of your employment rights, contact our attorneys in Stamford, Connecticut.