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Birth Trauma

Personal Injury Lawyer

Results of Lack of Attention to Mother and Unborn Child During Pregnancy, Labor, or Delivery

In the area of maternal and fetal health, lack of proper attention to the mother and the unborn child may result in unspeakable consequences, including the death of the mother and/or child or brain damage to the unborn child, which results from hypoxia, or oxygen deprivation.

In turn, such an event may result in cerebral palsy, which can have a life-long emotional and economic impact on the entire family.

Other forms of birth injury may result in shoulder dystocia resulting from improper delivery techniques. A baby may also experience cranial nerve and spinal cord injuries.

Experienced medical malpractice attorneys such as those at the Stamford, Connecticut office of Casper & de Toledo will know the steps to take to protect your interests, by reviewing the medical records, securing the proper standard of care assessments, and properly gathering the appropriate evidence to support and establish economic and non-economic damages.

Contact us to begin the journey to find out what caused your baby’s birth injury and seek compensation to allow your child to have a greater chance at a secure life.