Connecticut Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Serious Injury and Fatal Accident Claims

Car/motorcycle accidents often have serious consequences for the vulnerable riders and their passengers. Serious head and back injuries and financial devastation can change your life forever. Protecting yourself begins with careful preservation of evidence, from retaining the bike, clothing and helmet to taking photographs of the scene and accurately documenting the extent of injury.

Insurance companies push to clean up crash sites quickly, as evidence tends to establish their duty to pay compensation. Finding a skilled personal injury attorney right away can make a big difference in the legal case. The Stamford law offices of Casper & de Toledo offers prompt action and experienced representation dedicated to ensuring your rights are protected after a motorcycle accident.

Our attorneys fight hard for full and fair compensation on behalf of motorcycle crash victims and their families in the Stamford, Bridgeport and New Haven areas. If you have suffered severe injury or lost a family member, contact us to discuss your options for pursuing justice.

Preserving Crucial Evidence in a Motorcycle Crash

As with other auto accidents we handle, we know the value of gathering vital evidence immediately after a crash, including:

  • retaining all the pieces of your motorcycle, no matter how small;
  • preserving your clothing, helmet and other personal items;
  • photographing your bike, other vehicles involved and any relevant items;
  • taking pictures of the road, surrounding terrain, street signs, even the street lights if a motorcycle accident occurred at night;
  • photographing your injuries, before treatment where possible.

We work with experts in accident investigation and reconstruction to determine what happened before, during and after a crash. Even having someone document the crash scene using a cell phone camera, if possible, can be a vital part of fighting for the compensation you need and deserve.

Finding Full and Fair Financial Recovery Following a Bike Wreck

Brain injuryspinal cord injury or a wrongful death can change lives forever. Lost income, huge medical bills and ongoing, expensive health care treatments—such as reconstructive surgery and burn care due to road rash—can run into the millions. Casper & de Toledo lawyers consult with medical specialists and life care planners to quantify the full impact of the accident.

Holding Insurance Companies Accountable

Whether you are hurt in a Weston motorcycle crash or lose a loved on in a Stamford accident, our attorneys strive to ensure you receive fair treatment by insurance companies on your claim. We will not allow them to limit your recovery for their gain. We are aggressive in negotiation and litigation, and we will handle all contact with insurers while you concentrate on more personal matters.

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Do not let a momentary lapse of concentration by a driver compromise your future quality of life after a motorcycle accident. If you get hurt or someone you know is killed in a negligence accident, contact our Stamford law firm online, or by phone at (203) 325-8600, to schedule a no-obligation consultation.