The Internet is a great resource for selecting a lawyer; it is better than the Yellow Pages because it affords an opportunity to verify credentials and experience. Many lawyers claim to handle personal injury and malpractice cases yet, have rarely, if ever, handled a trial. Other lawyers have rightfully earned distinction in one field, perhaps matrimonial law or immigration law, but their “Best Lawyer” designation may not be in the field you want. Our “Best Lawyer” recognition is for personal injury, workers’ compensation, and employment cases. You can click on the “Best Lawyers” link on our website, and actually confirm that the designation is in the specialty described. Also, lawyers may list many office addresses to make it appear that they have many locations when, in fact, they have only one office, and use a mail drop or someone’s office elsewhere.

When choosing a Connecticut personal injury or employment attorney, make sure the lawyer has the experience and credentials claimed. Click on the organization links and look up the lawyer; see if the lawyer has actually handled trials and what his or her success has been; look to see if the lawyer has written articles or has been chosen to lecture to and teach other lawyers. Become informed so you can make the right choice.