What Are Some Of The Common Types Of Injuries That Can Occur While Shopping?

Slip and falls at supermarkets are very common. You may hear about cases involving an unprotected floor where a person slipped and fell and suffered a brain injury. Another situation could be involving someone slipping on water escaping from a malfunctioning refrigeration system. In areas where there are fruits and vegetables that are displayed openly, customers handling those products are known to drop a product on the floor, and this can create a condition conducive to slip and falls.

In self-service areas, something like a salad bar or self-service on trays, food drops all the time. In Connecticut, there are special rules that apply; they are referred to as the mode of operation. This essentially means that if you have food open and available for the customers to interact with, it is fairly common for food materials to hit the floor, so extra measures have to be taken in order to protect customers under those circumstances.

What Are Some Examples Of Conditions That Lead To These Types Of Slip And Fall Accidents In Stores?

When you refer to stores, restaurants and commercial enterprises into which people are being invited to either shop or to have a meal, you call them business invitees, and things are dropped in these locations all the time. The operators of those enterprises need to have safety precautions implemented so that there are regular and irregular inspections to address foreign substances that end up on the floor. These inspections and methods will ensure that floors are cleaned and customers are warned.

In some of the older buildings or existing older structures, there are some really outdated configurations of stair risers, one or two stairs going up to change elevation. These can be problems. Hazardous conditions can result from failure to warn others coming in the other direction; people fall over a poorly illuminated step. Tripping hazards can also occur on walkways, pathways in parking lots, and areas where carpeting is worn.

There may be poor lighting outside or inside the restaurant. There can be poor drainage, which can be from a sewer pipe or water pipe. It could be from a gutter system with overflowing gutters or leaking gutters where water is dispersed in an area where it should not be. This often occurs during cold weather when water freezes and melts, creating a hazardous situation.

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