What Are The Types Of Damages That Can Be Awarded In Personal Injury Cases Resulting From Slip And Fall Injuries?

There are economic and noneconomic damages in every case. Economic damages would include medical bills, lost earnings and loss of earning capacity. Noneconomic damages include pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life’s activities, permanent injury, permanent partial injury, interference with hobbies or recreation, disruption of family activities, scarring and disfigurement, emotional distress, posttraumatic stress disorder, and so on. There are a huge number of things that could apply.

If you are married or have a domestic partnership, the non-injured spouse or partner has a loss of consortium claim. These claims can be brought in every case of the injury; however, in terms of real value, this is reserved for cases involving very significant injuries.

What Are Some Important Strategies Used In Slip And Fall And Trip And Fall Personal Injury Cases To Get A Successful Outcome?

Nothing beats a careful investigation, looking for all sources of evidence with regard to liability, forcing a company to fully reveal their safety and accident investigation policies, and taking depositions. This is particularly true in commercial situations and commercial operations. In those cases, holding feet to the fire and getting a number of depositions of employees is really important because the companies otherwise will conceal evidence. They can and will conceal video, electronic or digital evidence.

In a situation involving a big supermarket chain, Attorney Stewart Casper discovered about a year and a half ago that they were being dishonest in their disclosure of their safety manuals and policies, not only in that case, but throughout every part of the country in which they had stores. After he uncovered that, he shared that information with other lawyers who also had those cases. So if you do not hold feet to the fire and ask all the important questions, you may never find out about those kinds of things.

How Often Do Slip And Fall Cases Reach A Settlement Outside Of Court Versus Having To Take Them To Trial?

This varies depending on the type of accident, type of injury, type of client, and the type of lawyers involved. Statistically speaking, most injury cases do settle. It is kind of an oxymoron. Usually, cases involving more significant injuries and lawyers who are prepared and willing to try cases will go to court.

Many cases have money put on the table to try and resolve the case, but it may not be enough. That will generate a rejection of the offer and a trial. There is no hard and fast rule. The law office of Casper & de Toledo tends to try a greater percentage of cases than other offices. However, that is how they ensure getting top dollar for their clients, because insurance companies and defense lawyers know the law firms and the lawyers who will try cases; they are also knowledgeable of those who will dodge trying cases. That pretty much determines whether or not there will be a trial.

How Long Does A Case Involving Slip And Fall Injuries Typically Take To Resolve?

That depends on the court, the lawyers’ schedules on both sides, and the nature of the injuries, as some injuries take longer to heal and reach maximum medical improvement. Under those circumstances, there is a lot of variation. Sometimes, if the case has got to be brought in a jurisdiction that has a shorter wait, the attorney may wait longer to put it in suit to be able to influence when the case is going to be reached for trial as best as possible. For example, in case of a youngster who has sustained a brain injury case, the attorney will delay putting that case in suit as long as possible because it is very difficult to get the ability to fully assess a child’s brain injury case during their adolescent years.

Unfortunately, Connecticut has a really antiquated statute that requires even the case of a minor be brought within the same statute of limitations period as an adult. That can be very difficult because in brain injury and birth trauma cases, you really do not know what the full ramifications of the injury are within a few years.

The time it takes for a case to get resolved depends on a lots of things, such as the age of the defendant, the backlog in that particular courthouse, the nature of the injuries, and so on.

Slip And Fall And Trip And Fall Cases Are Not Small Claims

When most people refer to slip and fall and trip and fall cases, they make them seem like they are small claims; however, they are not. They can absolutely ruin a person’s life. They can cause deaths or horrible life altering injuries. They can result in serious traumatic brain injury, and just because it is a slip and fall or trip and fall does not mean that it does not have very serious value.

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