What Should A Person Do Immediately Following A Slip And Fall And Trip And Fall Accident Where They Are Injured?

One of the first questions to ask someone who calls about an injury involving tripping or slipping is to ask them about the injury. An attorney can ask them, “Did you get photographs?” If someone is seriously hurt, it is difficult to think about getting photographs, but if they happen to be with someone at the time of the injury, that person should be encouraged to photograph the location.

Generally speaking, the operator of a commercial enterprise will take photographs, but they often ignore their own safety and investigational protocols. Having some evidence regarding the cause and condition and specific location that caused the fall is very important. There are general principles of law in place to help with these cases. In order to prevail in these cases, the plaintiff or the party who has the burden of proof has to establish what the defective condition was and where the fall occurred.

How Do You Know if You Need To Seek an Attorney’s Services When You Have Been Injured?

The offices of Casper & de Toledo have some general criteria about when and what case they will take; however, that does not necessarily apply to an individual who has been injured. Someone could have an individual injury like a sprained ankle and dismiss it as a minor injury, but sprained ankles can be very serious.

The criterion used in the law offices of Casper & De Toledo concerns whether or not there is a serious injury. Serious injuries in a slip and fall or a trip and fall generally mean that there has been a head injury with a concussion, or a possibly fracture, or internal injuries. Generally, fractures are reviewed closely to determine whether or not extensive surgery was/will be required.

If there is surgery to repair an injury, whether it is a concussion or a serious brain injury–they largely mean the same in different diagnoses, and for the more serious injuries, hiring a lawyer is crucial to your situation. If you have a simple sprain or strain, that would not be a reason to hire a lawyer, unless you feel strongly enough that you have a case and can find a lawyer who is willing to take that on.

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