Tri-malleolar fracture in fall-down case nets another client of Stewart Casper in excess of $500,000. Much to the consternation of another insurance company, one more jury sitting in Superior Court in Stamford, CT has determined that the value of a tri-malleolar ankle fracture requiring open reduction and internal fixation has a value in excess of one-half million dollars. While this result is not necessarily the highest amount that can be achieved in a personal injury case involving this type of complex fracture and does not mean that all similar cases will have the same value, it is significant that for the second time in less than five years, Attorney Casper has tried to a jury verdict a fall down case arising from an accident in Greenwich, CT with nearly identical physical injuries involving a serious ankle fracture and achieved nearly an identical result. This jury verdict was in Duncan v. Mill Management Company, Inc. The jury returned a verdict for $500,000 in non-economic damages, $235,000 in economic damages and reduced the total verdict of $735,000 for the plaintiff’s comparative negligence of 25%.