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Whether you are seeking compensation for injuries received due to medical malpractice or a car accident, the personal injury and employment attorneys of Casper & de Toledo in Stamford, Connecticut want you to be well informed from the beginning of your case to the end.

Follow the links below to important general instructions on how to prepare for a personal injury claim, and information about tort reform, damages in tort cases, tips on choosing an attorney, and further useful information.

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  • Injury Resources
    • Brain Injury Glossary Here is a comprehensive list of terms that may help you to better understand traumatic brain injury cases.
    • Playground Injury Play environments are fundamental to the healthy development of children. They provide children opportunities to develop motor, cognitive, perceptual and social skills. Unfortunately, parks and playgrounds are often sites of preventable injuries.
  • Medical Resources
    • Are You Prepared for a Life Threatening Illness or Injury? Have you prepared legally binding documents granting authority to a family member or other trusted party over your health care decisions in the event of a serious illness or injury
    • Preventing Brain Injuries in Sports and Recreation Many young people are exposed to possible brain concussion while playing football, soccer, lacrosse, and other sports. Our law firm advocates responsible adherence to guidelines applicable to health care providers, coaches, faculty, and administrators of school systems when an athlete has been injured or better yet, before an injury takes place.
    • Statutes of Limitations Is it too late? Important information on time-sensitivity of different types of cases.
    • Myofascial Pain or Fibromyalgia This pain syndrome is largely underrated; here is some information about trigger points associated with this musculoskeletal pain condition.
  • Your Rights
    • Medical Malpractice Myths
      • Patient Rights An epidemic of medical errors has been responsible for driving up the cost of health care. Often, doctors and hospitals seem more concerned about capping liability for their errors than taking precautions to reduce or eliminate medical malpractice.
    • Boycott the Chamber of Commerce Should the Chamber of Commerce prevail in its wish to do away with the tort system, it will leave us with a court system equipped to deal only with the judicial requirements of big business, but it will not succeed in doing away with the costs that the tort system addresses such as the medical expenses and lost earnings of an accidental injury victim.

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