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Protection from Retaliation in the Workplace

For information on whistleblowing and protection from retaliation in the workplace, contact the law offices of Casper & de Toledo.

When an Employee Discovers an Employer Doing Something Illegal

When an employee discovers his or her employer is doing something illegal or unethical, the employee is protected by a number of laws. If the employee protests the employer’s conduct and is demoted, harassed, or terminated for speaking out, that employee may have claims to bring against the employer.

Rewards in Cases of Whistleblowing Regarding Fraud against the Federal Government – Qui Tam

In cases where an individual uncovers fraud against the federal government and discloses that fraud, that person is referred to in the law as a “whistleblower.” There are federal laws that protect the whistleblower and even provide for very large rewards for him or her. If you feel that you have uncovered illegal or unethical conduct in the workplace, contact our employment attorneys in Stamford, Connecticut.