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Employment contracts cover a variety of employment terms. Often, contracts control when an employee can be terminated and whether or not he or she is entitled to severance. Sometimes a contract gives an employee a right to resign with severance. Contracts may prohibit an employee from all other work; often there are specific notice requirements that must be followed. Whether employees require assistance reviewing their employment contracts for fairness, or they believe an employer has violated the terms of a contract, a skilled attorney at the law offices of Casper & de Toledo has the background and experience to protect their interests.

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Employment Restrictions

Employment restrictions may exist in unexpected places. For example, stock grants, deferred compensation grants, and even bonus awards, may contain restrictions. Before you resign your employment, have an attorney review these for you so you can determine how best to protect yourself, and, of course, always have an employment contract reviewed before you sign it.

Attorney Victoria de Toledo was president of the Connecticut Employment Lawyers Association for more than a decade and has lectured throughout her career on employment law issues. She has developed a special interest in executive employment contracts and employment discrimination litigation. Ms. de Toledo has successfully assisted many clients in protecting their rights in many types of employment contracts.

Severance Agreements

The termination of executive employment generally involves severance packages from an employer in exchange for a promise not to file claims against them. These packages consist of severance agreements detailing legal concerns and financial concessions that often do not have the employee’s best interests in mind. We offer knowledgeable assistance in reviewing your severance agreement in order to protect your rights before, during, and after employment.

Employment Benefit Claims

Employees also have legal protection when an employer fails to provide them with the appropriate pension, health, severance, or other benefit provided to other employees. The law protects employees who have lost their jobs because their employer felt their benefits were costing too much money. If you feel that you have a claim for employment benefits, contact us.

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Employees have a variety of contractual protections in the workplace of which they may not be aware. If you have a contract with which you need assistance, or if you are uncertain of your protection, contact the employment lawyers at Casper & de Toledo.