$1.65 Million

In Michael Irwin, Administrator of the Estate of John Irwin v. Elizabeth Gessinger, et al, Partner Stewart M. Casper was called upon to attempt to salvage a claim on behalf of the Irwin Estate, where there was a potential for no recovery because John Irwin was the operator of a vehicle in which both he and his long-term companion Gina Smith died in a multiple-vehicle crash on Interstate 95 in East Lyme, CT. The Smith Estate, as well as two other injured people, included the Irwin Estate among the parties that they sued in an effort to maximize their recovery. With meticulous planning, decisions concerning the retention of the proper accident reconstructionist, and a series of depositions calculated to fit all of the pieces together, Casper minimized the comparative negligence exposure of the Irwin Estate and guided the case to a successful conclusion and recovery of $1.65 million. Michael Irwin, the Administrator of his late brother’s estate and a Managing Director of a major Wall Street investment bank recently wrote to Casper: “I admire your tenacity, thoroughness, strategic approach, and sense of fairness. You have a well-deserved reputation based on these qualities….”