A proposed bill in Connecticut would ensure that military members have the opportunity to use their experience as a substitute when applying to a job that requires similar training. Veterans are a motivated, determined, and skilled group whose military experience should satisfy occupational license requirements. This bill, An Act Concerning the Findings of the Military Occupation Specialty Task Force, requires employers to waive or award these licenses for veterans whose military experience and training are similar to non-military professions. Connecticut has roughly 250,000 veterans living in the state and with thousands of soldiers still active, the 7% veteran unemployment rate looks extremely daunting. State Senator Carlo Leone, one of the bill’s leading supporters, gave his opinion in a press conference held last week: “The people who served this country honorably should not have an unnecessary burden placed on them by requiring that they seek additional training in areas where they have already demonstrated proficiency”.  In a world where redundancies are widespread, it’s refreshing to see a possibility for efficiency.

Paralegal. Posted May 14, 2014