What Kinds of Cases Does Your Firm Handle?

What Kinds of Cases Does Your Firm Handle?

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At Casper & de Toledo, we represent a number of clients who have sustained catastrophic or life altering injuries, and the range of injuries is quite varied. We also represent families who have lost loved ones, so we handle wrongful death cases as well. We represent people with traumatic brain injury at all levels of severity, along with spinal cord injury, spinal injuries, internal organ injuries, amputations and a whole gamut of neurological injuries.

How Does Your Firm Help Clients with the Claims Process and Investigation?

When a new client comes to our office, the standard process is for the client to meet with the team of lawyers and the paralegal who would be assigned to the case. After the initial meeting, we rely heavily on communication, and often use electronic communication with the client just to be kept up to speed with the status of medical treatment and to keep track of how the recovery is progressing. We work with the client to collect the necessary records to adequately document and prove the case. Often, we make suggestions of competent healthcare providers because of our familiarity with different specialties.

We work with healthcare providers’ offices to collect medical records and medical bills, and then depending on the type of case, we collect necessary earnings information by way of W-2s or other tax documentation to verify earnings so we can document any loss of earnings and loss of earning capacity.

Depending on the nature of the case, we retain experts for important evaluations in order to prove the issues in dispute in the case.  Experts may be needs to prove “fault,” which may involve accident reconstruction, crash worthiness, and conspicuity. Conspicuity deals with the visibility of vehicles, and obstructions and hazards on the roadway.

We also work with life care planners and vocational and economic experts and a variety of other experts necessary to prove all economic and non-economic damages.

Insurance companies adjusters are not sitting around “chomping at the bit,” hoping to write a check. Claims adjusters have a very exacting process for reviewing and evaluating claims, and part of our job as your legal representatives is to gather the necessary documentation so that the insurance company can properly evaluate a claim and enter into settlement negotiations. At Casper & de Toledo, we will not be shy about the amount of money we seek to resolve your claim. And if we, that is – you and us, agree that you’re not being treated fairly by the insurance company or companies legally responsible for paying your damages, we will not be shy about filing a lawsuit on your behalf. Our office has certain procedures regarding the “how,” “why” and “when” cases are placed into suit.

We work cases on a dual track system, collecting the necessary documentation and guiding our clients through the various steps of recovery. Our goal is to reach a point where we will be in a position to fully value your case prior to suit. However, if the point of maximum medical improvement is expected to take more than a year or if the attitude of the insurance company is discouraging, we will file your lawsuit.

What Is the Value of Hiring a Firm That Specializes in Complex Cases?

Casper & de Toledo not only has a reputation for taking difficult and complex cases but also litigating those cases through trial and, if necessary, through appeal. Our reputation – our track record – is known by defense lawyers, insurance adjusters and the judges who are often in the mix at pre-trial hearings and status conferences. In many respects, insurance adjusters and defense lawyers have “scouting reports” on lawyers who handle plaintiffs’ cases on behalf of injured people, just as your favorite professional athletic team has on its upcoming opponent. They clearly know which lawyers will do the difficult work of trying a case and which lawyers will fold easily and avoid a trial. As this interview was being given, Casper & de Toledo had two cases that would be starting evidence in January, with Stamford juries already selected. In addition, we have a third case that is due to have a jury selected in early January.

Casper & de Toledo is a law firm that goes to court regularly, and we have the respect of judges and opposing counsel. We are known for taking cases to verdict and we do not shy away from that. The fact that we are willing to take cases to verdict in appropriate circumstances enhances the value of our cases for our clients. Commitment to our clients and our principles gives us greater experience and forces our opponents and insurance companies to take us very seriously.

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