Stamford Lawyer Recognized in the Personal Injury Hall of Fame

Stamford Lawyer Recognized in the Personal Injury Hall of Fame

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Stewart M. Casper, of Casper & de Toledo LLC, has been named to the Connecticut Law Tribune’s “Personal Injury Hall of Fame,” the leading legal publication in the Connecticut. The Connecticut Law Tribune awarded Attorney Casper this honor as a result of two very large verdicts he obtained in 2014. In one case, he represented a 10 year old boy who suffered a traumatic brain injury and other serious injuries in a motor vehicle crash. In the other case, he represented a woman who was injured as a result of a large dog colliding into her in a dog park.

In the case of the young boy, Casper took over responsibility for a Bridgeport case just six weeks prior to trial commencing in late March 2014. He prepared the case, completing numerous tasks that were previously incomplete, including marshaling of the medical and scientific evidence.  He then tried the case as lead counsel. The jury verdict was nearly $8 million plus punitive damages that are rarely awarded in Connecticut.  The matter was later settled for a confidential amount.

In the other matter, a woman had severe leg injuries after the dog ran into her, and she was awarded $2.6 million by a Stamford jury in July.

Posted April 6, 2015