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Representative Testimonials- Stewart Casper

Stamford, Connecticut Personal Injury Lawyer

“I am delighted to write this letter on behalf of my attorney, Casper.  I strongly believe that it was ultimately Mr. Casper’s extensive experience in complex personal injury cases, his vast technical subject matter expertise, his superb trial preparation and management, and his passion for the craft which ultimately led to a successful adjudication of my case. I was initially represented by another “transactional”  firm, and when I realized my case was not receiving the due attention required that I reached out to Attorney Casper. It was after his detailed review of my case that he agreed to represent me.  This case has taught me a lot about the legal process and the importance of selecting the proper firm. True to his impressive legal reputation, Mr. Casper quickly earned my trust.

The defendant’s insurance company was represented by two separate high-level firms, and through their attorneys and so-called experts, attempted to intimidate me, my entire family, and friends. They tried to belittle my conditions, question the validity of my physician’s treatments, and ultimately tried to confuse the jury – even with the basic facts of the case.  Mr. Casper not only meticulously built the structure of our case with indisputable renowned expert testimonies, but he also invalidated the defense attorney’s case, piece-by-piece.

I will never be able to have the same career or maintain the same quality of life as prior to the injury I sustained; however, through a multi-million dollar favorable jury verdict, Attorney Casper secured a financial security for my future.  I have an everlasting gratitude for all he has done for my family.

Verified Client

“My work as a neurological expert in a case involving traumatic brain injury brought me in contact with Mr. Casper. I have had the opportunity to work with a number of attorneys over the years (both plaintiff and defense) and can recognize a quality lawyer when I see one. Mr. Casper has deep and extensive knowledge regarding traumatic brain injury and was a careful, precise, litigator. He was superb in the courtroom with a very successful outcome. My rating is 5* – superb.”
Michael Lobatz, M.D. – The Neurological Center of Southern CA

“There is not enough space to fully express my gratitude for everything you did for me. So I will simply say thank you very much. For your kindness, your patience, and for making this all happen.  I will never forget you.”

“I just wanted to thank you for all of your time and support that you and your team put into my case. I can’t thank all of you enough for all of your hard work. You are wonderful and compassionate lawyers. I feel a huge burden has been lifted from me and it is a lovely feeling. Thank-you. There just aren’t words to tell you how grateful I am.”
Kate Davis – Greenwich

“Stewart Casper is an incredible attorney. Four and a half years ago I was involved in a slip and fall accident and sustained injuries that resulted in permanent disabilities. We had initially retained a different attorney who had completely mishandled the case and insulted us by questioning our understanding of the English language. Two weeks before the trial we made the decision to retain Attorney Casper and it was the best decision we could have made. His great knowledge, experience, and attention to detail was evident in how he handled our case. Not only are we extremely happy with the result of our case, but Stewart also treated us with respect and compassion, it didn’t matter how heavy our accents were. We would certainly recommend Attorney Casper to anyone, especially to other Russian speaking individuals or anyone else from Eastern Europe.”

Natasha Abrimov
April 14, 2015

Three years ago, our daughter was involved in a serious car accident and experienced a severe subdural hematoma requiring more than a year of intensive supports and rehab. It was a horrendous experience for Reiko and our family. Throughout the experience, Stewart Casper and his team were by our sides…not just for the legal support, but also for medical and personal supports. Stewart gave us the ability to focus on our daughter’s TBI needs while he handled the complex and necessary legal aspects. As a result, Reiko has made remarkable progress, and Stewart’s efforts have given her the opportunity to continue her recovery and regain important aspects of her life. Reiko is living successfully independently, is loving her new apartment and friends, is moving smoothly through her program to complete her BA, … and is having quality sibling time with her brother. She’s got a neurologist and other medical supports, and she’s finishing up a brief stint with a counselor to “talk through” some questions. All very good. Three years later, we still marvel at Reiko’s remarkable recovery from her life-altering accident and will be forever grateful for the assistance we got from our personal and professional support network. And, Stewart Casper had a prominent and much-appreciated place in that support network. We would recommend him highly and without reservation.

George Sugai, Ph.D.
Professor & Carole J. Neag Endowed Chair
Neag School of Education
University of Connecticut
Storrs, CT

I met Attorney Casper five years ago, two months after I had been injured. I was unable to walk, very frightened, and completely bewildered by the sudden and drastic change in my circumstances. I remember he asked the most interesting questions and listened intently to my answers. He was above all, respectful. He explained simply and with clarity, the law as it pertained to my injury. He took my case and gave me hope. He is an expert in the law, of course. He exhibits an encyclopedic grasp of legal minutiae. He is an amazing strategic thinker. Very different I think from many of his peers. But it is his personal commitment to his clients that is remarkable. An individual plaintiff is especially vulnerable. Our system favors corporate interests, with deep pockets. To seek a remedy for an injury is to be bullied again and again. Attorney Casper did not waver – not once. I wobbled often.

I underwent multiple surgeries, all of which had complications, and implications for my never-ending case. He shepherded me through the maze of personal injury law. He counseled me through numerous conferences, meetings, negotiations, and endless reports. If I had a question, I had a response from him or one of his staff within a day. And when the process became intrusive and humiliating, he exhibited the most remarkable ability to look beyond the detail, with which I was preoccupied, to show me the ‘big picture’.

Nothing surprised him. He was sanguine throughout, and his confidence was infectious. His personal respect for me and for my experience was evident to all in the courtroom.

Today, it is scarcely two weeks since the conclusion of the trial, which he won -handsomely. I am delighted to recommend him.

Sally Muehring – Darien, CT

Stewart Casper is an outstanding trial lawyer in complex personal injury matters. I am a commercial trial attorney with limited experience in personal injury matters. In 2008, I was approached by personal friends and the parents of a young man whom I had known since he was in grammar school and who had sustained a devastating traumatic brain injury (“TBI”). I determined to team with Mr. Casper in the pursuit of our client’s personal injury claim. Given my personal relationship with the plaintiff and his parents and the severity and complexity of the plaintiff’s injuries, it was especially important to provide our client with the best possible representation. Plaintiff’s claims were complicated by the fact that another young man was also severely injured in the same incident and there were multiple insurance carriers with arguably different exposure. Despite these challenges, our client’s claims were settled pre-suit by payment of 100% of the insurance policy limits.

Mr. Casper is a tenacious and formidable advocate with unsurpassed knowledge of TBI. This fact is best evidenced by his recent election as Chairperson of the Traumatic Brain Injury Litigation Group of the American Association for Justice. Not only is his knowledge of TBI extensive and cutting edge, but he is able to explain the complexity and implications of TBI in straightforward, understandable terms. This was a skill I appreciated no less than our clients. In addition to the knowledge and skill he has developed over the course of his distinguished career, Mr. Casper has also developed a stable of world-class experts upon which he can draw.

From the moment Mr. Casper was first identified as co-counsel to the insurance carriers, to the final approval of our settlement by the Court, he added significant value. Mr. Casper can fairly be described as a trial lawyers’ trial lawyer. I recommend him without reservation.
Mark R. Carta, Esq.

My mother suffered a traumatic brain injury when she fell down an unlit flight of stairs at my sister’s residence. Because the case involved a family member, the lawsuit was a bit complicated and sensitive. Although the jury found my mother 40% negligent, we were still able to secure a $4.2 million judgment and walk away with $2.5 million. From day one, Stewart Casper was tenacious about the lawsuit and never doubted for a minute that we would win. He kept me up to date and very informed over the course of collecting information about the case despite the fact that I live thousands of miles away in Texas. His numerous exhibits were first class all the way – large, colorful, accurate, and VERY effective. I consider him to be a top-notch litigator in the courtroom. I was so impressed by his ability to discredit almost all of the defense’s witnesses. In my book, he was a genius!! There’s no doubt in my mind that we won the case based on his amazing ability to think on his feet and litigate from the heart. He truly believed in our case and I will be forever indebted to him.
Alexia Dauterieve – Austin, TX

Stewart Casper would like to see you to discuss the case. Please contact him directly at 203-325-8600. I regard Stewart as the premier head trauma lawyer in Connecticut and if there is anyone who can bring this case to a successful resolution it is he. His website is www.casperdetoledo.com.
Anonymous Insurance Defense Lawyer – CT

Stewart Casper is an extraordinary trial lawyer because he is passionate about his clients, has great integrity, and is extremely knowledgeable about the law. Throughout the many years of representing me, he guided me through the pre-trial and trial process, doing excellent investigative work, developing the legal theories on a complex issue, conducting a lengthy trial against a formidable big defense firm, and winning the jury trial. At all times he was completely devoted to my case, well prepared, analytical, and highly regarded by the judge and his adversaries. On a personal level, he gave me the courage to pursue my rights and demonstrated the experience and professionalism required to obtain a positive outcome for my case.
Nicholas Stroumbakis, M.D. – Greenwich, CT

Dear Attorney Casper- This is such a hard note for me to write – I don’t know how to thank you enough for all you have done for me over the past four years. You have supported and encouraged me, and treated me like a daughter, and that means so much. I was so afraid to go through this whole process, but you have made it easier by always being there for me. I don’t know how to thank you enough for caring about me so much. Thank you for offering to be there if I ever need help or advice. Your kindness has made such a difference. I will definitely keep in touch! Thank you again.
Kim Olson – Stamford, CT

I write this endorsement on behalf of Stewart Casper with great enthusiasm. I had the privilege of having Stewart represent me this past year. He was receptive, knowledgeable, and professional at all times. From the start, I could tell he always put me first. Stewart was quick to respond to any questions I had and always kept me informed about the process. His staff was receptive as well, and I always had a response to a call or email within hours.

Because I am a medical professional, it is clear that he understands the perspective of a client. He understood the medicine involved with my injuries. Stewart had a wide array of knowledge and it was clear, that he had much more experience than the opposing lawyers. He did not hesitate to guide me, and each decision he helped me with, clearly worked in my favor.

Again, I cannot express with words how much Stewart helped me, and I highly recommend him to anyone with a personal injury.
Steven Melchionno, Registered Physical Therapist and Owner Elevate Physical Therapy – Stamford, Darien and Trumbull, CT