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Connecticut Wrongful Death

Stamford Wrongful Death Attorneys

Wrongful/Accidental Death Claims

Losing a loved one is one of life’s most difficult experiences, and a family’s pain is worsened when the death was the result of someone else’s negligence. This is particularly true when the matter involves the death of a child. The law offices of Casper & de Toledo are dedicated to vigorously pursuing justice on behalf of individuals and families devastated by the loss of a family member.

A wrongful death claim can arise from any personal injury incident, including a car accidenttruck accidentdangerous medication, a defective productslip and fallmedical malpracticenursing home abuse or error, and countless other situations that result in death. Compassionately serving clients throughout the state of Connecticut, our wrongful death lawyers have a reputation for results that have helped clients recover just compensation for their loss.

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Addressing Wrongful Death Claims with or without a Will

Wrongful death claims in Connecticut are limited by law and must be brought in a representative capacity on behalf of the deceased person’s estate. If the decedent died and had executed a Last Will and Testament, the designated fiduciary appointed by the Probate Court (Executor or Executrix) would act on behalf of the Estate. If there was no will, the claim would be pursued by the appointed Administrator or Administratrix.

Connecticut Wrongful Death Claims

Claims brought under Connecticut’s wrongful death statute (Conn. Gen. Statute 52-555) permit the recovery of damages for the loss of life itself, the loss of enjoyment of life, pre-death physical pain and suffering, and reasonably necessary medical, hospital, and other health care expenses, together with funeral expenses. Essentially, a wrongful death claim is prepared using many of the same techniques and experts that we would use in any other personal injury claim, except we sometimes use certain experts whose testimony might be essential for issues related to the death itself.

Compensation for Emotional Losses

In addition to the Estate’s claim for damages described above, the surviving spouse is entitled to pursue a claim for loss of companionship, known in the law as loss of consortium. In addition, if the death was witnessed by a close family member in a context other than a medical malpractice situation, a claim for bystander emotional distress may be pursued.

Representing You against Insurance Carriers

At Casper & de Toledo, wrongful death lawyers strive to see that you are treated fairly by insurance companies during a claim. When insurance adjusters contact you with a settlement offer or to record a statement, it’s important to remember that they have no interest in providing the financial compensation you deserve. Their role is to limit recovery, and you are not obligated to discuss anything. In negotiation or litigation, we are fully prepared to represent your interests against the insurance company.

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