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Does the Business Community Have a Stranglehold on the Legislature?

I am a resident of Wilton, CT and I recently wrote to my state legislator John Hetherington asking that he support SB 847 presently pending before the legislature. The bill is designed to provide workers’ compensation commissioners with discretionary authority to award more than the minimum specified benefits for permanent partial disability to a part…

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I Can Feel Your Pain

The event that caused me to experience a sudden onset of right arm pain shall remain confidential as it involves a friend. Nonetheless, this Connecticut injury lawyer who has spent a career representing people with just this sort of injury, knew right away that the type of searing pain I was having was a serious…

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CBIA Is At It Again

I have been absent from this blog for Casper & de Toledo for an extended period of time now. I have been recovering from my own injury and surgery and I will Blog at a later time about how I know I can really feel my clients’ pain. As a trial lawyer, we read and…

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